“In order to obtain a correct view of this method of healing, and before being able to act with intelligence, it is all-essential to know that it power-within-lis not the remedies we apply which cure, but that the power of healing resides in man himself.

Divine nature placed it there at the creation of each being.

Thus it is not necessary that we should swallow this power of healing, this vital power, in the shape of physic, pills, decoctions, etc., or to apply it to the limb of a patient by means of a plaster in order to affect a cure. No, this power has long been inherent in us.

It is this self-same vital power (called here power of healing) that preserves our life from day to day, from year to year, and manifests itself daily and hourly, at the same time healing the countless injuries, disorders and diseases which befall the body¬†and adjusting them.”

Source: The Natural method of healing, Volume 1 By Friedrich Eduard Bilz