Natural Treatmnet for sore throat

1. Vinegar, Pepper and Honey—Simmer together some vinegar, red pepper, and honey or sugar, and add enough water so that it will not be too strong. Use this as a gargle.

2. Camphor Gum.—Hold a piece of camphor gum the size of a pea in (the mouth until it is dissolved. This is fine for sore throat.

3. Baking Sodas-Add a teaspoonful of baking soda to half a glass of water and gargle the throat frequently. – Physician’s Remarks-This is especially good for tonsilitis.

4. Hot Water Applications.–Cloths wrung out of hot water and applied to the throat promptly and thoroughly will cure almost any case of sore throat. … ,

5. Sage Tea, Alum and Honey.—Gargle the throat with sage tea in – which there has been dissolved a little alum and honey.

6. German Remedy for Sore Throat.—To half a pint of strong sage tea add two tablespoonfuls each of vinegar, strained honey and table salt. Mix, strain, and gargle frequently.

Physician’s Remark.—This German remedy makes an excellent gargle for sore throat.

7. For Putrid Sore Throat.—To half a pint each of water and cider vinegar add 2 tablespoonfuls each of red pepper and table salt. Let this boil for a minute or two and then bottle for use. Gargle until the mucus clears from the throat. Persons who cannot gargle may swallow a little of the mixture. This is excellent for any form of sore throat.

8. Kerosene, Salt and Alum.—Place a piece of brown paper saturated with kerosene oil around the neck and gargle with a solution made of equal parts of salt and alum.

9. Lard and Ammonia.—Heat two parts of lard and 1 part of aqua ammonia; spread on cotton batting and apply to the throat. A lady writes, “I have used this myself for an attack of laryngitis and have often used it for croup. It does its good work by drawing out the inflammation.”

10. Camphor, Salt and Borax.—Mix a little camphor, salt and borax in a glass of water and use as a gargle.

11. Cold Water Applications.—Wring a cloth out of cold water and bind on the throat at night. This should be covered with a dry towel.

12. Witch Hazel.—Gargle with witch hazel. Also saturate a flannel with the same and wear about the neck.

13. Salt Water and Red Pepper.—Dissolve a large tablespoonful of salt in half a glass of water and gargle the throat before each meal. A little red pepper may be added to this if desired.

14. Bread and Cayenne Pepper.—Soak a small piece of bread in some water and mix a pinch of cayenne pepper with it. This should be rolled into a small pill and swallowed.

15. Cayenne Pepper, Black Pepper, Salt and Vinegar.—Add a pinch of cayenne pepper, 14 teaspoonful of black pepper and two teaspoonfuls of salt to one glass of vinegar and use as a gargle.

16. Salt and Vinegar.—Gargle with salt and vinegar.

17. Spirits of Camphor.—One lady says, “A few drops of spirits of camphor every hour will relieve a sore throat sooner than any remedy I know of. This is an old and well tried remedy for sore throat. . To inhale the camphor is excellent for cold in the head.”


The botanic physician, or Family medical adviser By J. E. Carter, A. H. Mathes