Football legend, Joe Namath, is one of the most famous American football quarterbacks who has ever played the game. He was so Joe Namathconfident in his abilities, that he even guaranteed his team, the New York Jets would win Super Bowl III, and then delivered on his promise. Eventually, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1985 and later went on to become an actor.

During his career, Namath was constantly getting violently hit and was knocked unconscious a total of five times on the football field. Later he admitted the concussions he suffered on the field have had negative, long-lasting effect on his brain.

Namath became concerned about the effects brain damage when in 2012, 43 year old former NFL linebacker Junior Seau committed suicide. It was later found that Seau suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a progressive degenerative brain disease found in athletes and others with a history of repetitive brain trauma.

In 2014, Namath who is now 72 told CBS Sunday Morning, “I’ve been [through some] things medically,” he told CBS’ Rita Braver. “I’ve seen some things on my brain. But I’ve had some treatment — and improved.” Brain scans indicated improved blood flow to the left side of his brain.

NamathThe magical treatment he had received that helped improve his cognitive abilities is known as hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy or Treatment (HBOT) is a special chamber that is pressurized in order to deliver oxygen to a person in the most effective method possible known to mankind. What these chambers do is completely saturate the body with oxygen through the lungs, hemoglobin in the blood, plasma, cerebral spinal fluid, tissues of the body, and bone marrow in order to help a person heal and or cure them much more quickly than just about any other natural treatment in the world.

It has been reported that he took a total of 120 sessions in a facility in Jupiter, Florida that is now called the Joe Namath Neurological Research Center.

Namath had said this about the results of his hyperbaric oxygen treatments, “My thinking is much clearer,” he explains. “Finding the right words has become easier and I remember events with more clarity. One of the really great results is that my sleep has improved; I sleep more soundly and have vivid dreams.” With the therapy now completed, Joe maintains that the lasting benefits are both mental and physical. “I now have more energy and strength. I feel great!”

He believes that this may be a cure for brain damage, and is now on a mission to raise $10 million for a clinical trial of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on 100 volunteer subjects who suffer from symptoms of brain damage.