The true theory of disease and its cure is embodied in two chemical forces, which, like the currents of electricity, are positive and human-energy 2negative. Thus, if the positive force of disease is manifested upon any organ, it disturbs the harmony and functional action of that organ, and the disorganization will continue as long as the negative force of cure is not placed in antagonism with it, to neutralize the activity of the positive force.

When this is done the autonomy of the organ is re-established, and its function becomes again natural and healthful.

Again, if upon discovery any organ or tissue becomes deficient in its chemical elements, it must be supplied by such plants as contain them; or if any organ or tissue becomes surcharged with its chemical constituents, negative chemical elements must be exhibited to reduce them to their normal quantities.

These forces in various ways control the whole organic world.

Increase the centrifugal force, and the earth flies into space; remove the centripetal, and it rushes headlong to the sun. If they are as they exist, coequal, the earth rolls on in its orbit in grand precision and admirable harmony.

Having thus philosophized, and finally realized that the entire universe was composed of contrary elements—of negative and positive principles—yet that the whole worked, or acted, in the most perfect harmony, agreeably to the wisdom of a Great First Cause, when such elements were not disarranged or disturbed by any violation of the laws of pristine Nature, I was soon led to a logical deduction of the general laws which govern the virtues or medicinal properties of all the varieties of plants, with a view to employ them as remedial agents in the cure of disease.

In a word, I found in the being, MAN, an epitome of all creation—found in his organism all the elements of universal nature—and necessarily discerned that, as there are summer and winter, night and day, in regular and systematic succession, such alternations of nature could not but have the most important influences in respect to the health and diseases of the human being—Heaven’s last, most perfect work.

I realized that, in accordance with the various operations of nature, man remained in health, or became afflicted with disease.

SOURCE: The Complete Herbalist: Or, The People Their Own Physicians by the Use of Herbs By Oliver Phelps Brown