The power of healing resides in man himself

“In order to obtain a correct view of this method of healing, and before being able to act with intelligence, it is all-essential to know that it power-within-lis not the remedies we apply which cure, but that the power of healing resides in man himself.

Divine nature placed it there at the creation of each being. (more…)

The art of healing was originally one of the secret sciences of the priestcraft

By 33rd Degree Freemason, Many P. Hall – The art of healing was originally one of the secret sciences of the priestcraft, EgyptPriestPharaohand the mystery of its source is obscured by the same veil which hides the genesis of religious belief. All higher forms of knowledge were originally in the possession of the sacerdotal castes.

The temple was the cradle of civilization. The priests, exercising their divine prerogative, made the laws and enforced them; appointed the rulers and controlled them; ministered to the needs of the living, and guided the destinies of the dead.

All branches of learning were monopolized by the priesthood, who admitted into their ranks only those intellectually and morally qualified to perpetuate their arcanum. The following quotation from Plato’s Statesman is apropos of the subject:

In Egypt, the King himself is not allowed to reign, unless he have priestly powers; and if he should be one of another class, and have obtained the throne by violence, he must get enrolled in the priestcraft.”

Candidates aspiring to membership in the religious orders underwent severe tests to prove their worthiness. These ordeals were called initiations. Those who passed them successfully were welcomed as brothers by the priests and were instructed in the secret teachings.

Among the ancients, philosophy, science, and religion were never considered as separate units: each was regarded as an integral part of the whole. Philosophy was scientific and religious; science was philosophic and religious I religion was philosophic and scientific.

Perfect wisdom was considered unattainable save as the result of harmonizing all three of these expressions of mental and moral activity.

Source: Many P. Hall The Secret Teachings of All Ages – Hermetic Pharmacology, Chemistry, and Therapeutics

The Healing Power of Music

“Our ancestors believed that music had the power to harmonize one’s soul in ways that [traditional] medicine could not. In ancient China, one of the earliest uses of music was healing. The Chinese character for medicine actually comes from the character for music.”
~ Gao Yuan, Shen Yun composer

healing music

To accommodate the wishes of doctors, patients, or institutions, rather than the facts, we are sure to end badly

“Once we start to reshape our writing about science to accommodate the wishes of doctors, patients, or institutions, rather than the dr ralph mossfacts, we are sure to end badly.

We must always speak to cancer patients with a finely balanced mixture of compassion and honesty.

Finally, we must always demand a fair evaluation of all treatments, conventional and alternative.” – By Dr. Ralph Moss

Most Natural Remedies Are More Effective Than Western Medicine

We have finally started to notice that there is real curative value in local herbs and remedies. In fact, we are also becoming aware that there are little or no side effects to most natural remedies, and that they are often more effective than Western medicine. – Anne Wilson Schaef
Medical Herbs

Medical Herbs