Why is the natural method of healing regarded with so little attention and consideration by the people?


For with the simple prescription of diet, water, air and light the Natural Healer cures all diseases, of whatever standing, provided they are curable; for this method of treatment requires that there should be sufficient vitality of the body to enable a reaction to follow and the crisis to be got over. (more…)

The Musical Medicine of Pythagoras

By 33rd Degree Freemason, Manly P. Hall – To Pythagoras music was one of the dependencies of the divine science of mathematics, music heals the body and souland its harmonies were inflexibly controlled by mathematical proportions. The Pythagoreans averred that mathematics demonstrated the exact method by which the good established and maintained its universe. Number therefore preceded harmony, since it was the immutable law that governs all harmonic proportions.

After discovering these harmonic ratios, Pythagoras gradually initiated his disciples into this, the supreme arcanum of his Mysteries. He divided the multitudinous parts of creation into a vast number of planes or spheres, to each of which he assigned a tone, a harmonic interval, a number, a name, a color, and a form. (more…)

The Secrets of Electric Fields and Resonate Frequencies to Destroy Disease

(1) Not only are acid and alkali albumens formed at the positive and negative poles respectively, but such chemical action extends humna aurainwards towards a neutral point in the interpolar space.

(2) The different action of the positive and negative poles respectively on cellular elements is most striking: the negative (kathode) dissolving the cell protoplasm and connective tissue, and setting free the nuclei, which stain readily with haematoxylin; the positive (anode), on the other hand, so modifying or destroying the nuclear elements, that they are no longer stainable by that reagent.

(3) The passage of the current leads to rise of arterial tension, not only in the vessels governed by the nerves situated in the interpolar area, but also in those governed by nerves in organic relation to the interpolar nerves through the medium of the spinal cord. For example, the action of a current passed through one arm led to changes in the circulation of the hand and wrist, not only of the side experimented on, but also of the other. (more…)

Peruvian Bark: Jesuit Powder and the Secret Powers Who Wished to Control It

“It almost goes without saying that among Protestant physicians hatred of the Jesuits and religious intolerance lie at the bottom of the Peru_offers_a_branch_of_cinchona_to_Sciencelong conflict over the good or harm effected by Peruvian Bark.” – Alexander von Humboldt

Peruvian bark (Cinchona) and its pharmacologically active substance derived from it, quinine has long been known to treat and cure many diseases that torment human kind. The cinchona tree’s medicinal uses were first discovered by the Quechua people of Peru and Bolivia. It has been documented over the course of history by old time nineteenth century medical professionals, healers and authors as a cure for cancer, malaria, fevers and other ailments.

The English physician, Sir Robert Talbor had become famous for his miraculous malaria cure using Peruvian Bark for English King Charles. In return for curing the king, Talbor was offered membership of the prestigious Royal College of Physicians. Talbor was again called on royalty in 1679 when the King of France, Louis XIV, had asked Talbor to heal his son who was suffering from malaria fever. Again, Talbor’s bark remedy worked like a charm and for his service to King Louis, he was rewarded with 3,000 gold crowns and a lifetime pension for this prescription.  (more…)