Senator Warren Urges CDC To Look At Marijuana To Help Stop The Prescription Painkiller Epidemic

Massachusetts Senator, Elizabeth Warren wrote the director for the Center for Disease Control (CDC) this week urging them to senator warren marijuanainvestigate whether medical marijuana can help turn around the nation’s disastrous prescription painkiller epidemic.

She is also asking the agency to finalize its guidance to physicians on the dos and don’ts of prescribing pain drugs. Warren had said in the letter, “I strongly urge you to finalize the CDC Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain as soon as possible.” She added, “Explore every opportunity and tool available.” (more…)

Meet the the Biochemist Who Cured His Cancer With Cannabis Oil

It has long been known in the world of truth seekers that one of nature’s best medicines that is known as medical marijuana and Dennis Hillcannabis oil can treat, and even cure a wide variety of illnesses and diseases. There have been a plethora of scientific studies, and people who have been cured by its heavenly medicinal properties that can testify to this age old fact such as scientist and software engineer from California, Dennis Hill.

Dennis was was diagnosed with aggressive Stage 4 adenocarcinoma of the prostate cancer in 2010, with Gleason scores of 7s and 8s. He was also found to have metastatic lesions in the bladder and rectum. The diagnosis didn’t look good for Dennis, but he never lost hope and instead started researching possible treatments and cures for this dreadful disease.

Hill had earned a degree in biochemistry from the University of Houston, and worked in medical research at the University of Texas’ M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. So he had a thorough understanding of the science of cancer and the treatments that were available to him.

After researching for solutions and the side affects of current medical treatments, Hill made the wise decision to opt out of the conventional methods of of radiation, chemo and surgery. Instead he chose to use cannabis oil extract, and within six months the cancer was in remission. (more…)