Cancer of both Breasts Cured With Extract of Quinquina Mixture

In the late 19th century, this story was published about a 32 year old lady who was cured of cancer of both breasts was published in the “The Cure of Cancer and howANW - natural treatment for breast cancer Surgery Blocks the Way,” By John Shaw. She was cured using a mixture of extract of quinquina, syrup of iodide of iron, and arseniate of soda.

I had written about the main ingredient in this mixtureextract of quinquina which is also known as Peruvian bark (Cinchona) in my article, “Peruvian Bark: Jesuit Powder and the Secret Powers Who Wished to Control It.”  It has been documented over the course of history by old time nineteenth century medical professionals, healers and authors as a cure for cancer, malaria, fevers and other ailments.

Here is the story of the lady whose breast cancer was cured using a natural treatment: (more…)

Anemone for Ulcers, Inflammation of the Eyes and Leprosy

Name. Called also wind-flower, because they say the flowers never open but when the wind bloweth; Pliny is my author; if it be not so, 640px-Anemones5blame him. The seed also, if it bears any at all, flies away with the wind.

Place and Time. They are sown usually in the gardens of the curious, and flower in the spring-time. As for the description I shall pass by it, they being well known to all those that sow them.

Government and virtues. It is under the dominion of Mars, being supposed to be a kind of crowfoot. The leaves provoke the terms mightily, being boiled, and the decoction drunk. The body being bathed with the decoction of them cures the leprosy. (more…)

Water Agrimony Strengthens the Liver and Kills Parasites

It is called in some countries water-hemp, bastard-hemp, and bastard-agrimony ; also eupalorium, and hepatorium, because it Agrimonia-eupatoriastrengthens the liver.

The root continues a long time, having many long slender strings; the stalks grow up about two feet high, sometimes higher; they are of a dark purple color; the branches are many, growing at distances the one from the other, the one from the one side of the stalk, the other from the opposite point; the leaves are winged, and much indented at the edges ; the flowers grow at the tops of the branches, of a brown yellow colour, spotted with black spots, having a substance within the midst of them like that of a daisy; if you rub them between your fingers they smell like rosin, or cedar when it is burnt; the seeds are long, and easily stick to any woollen thing they touch. (more…)

The true theory of disease and its cure is embodied in two chemical forces

The true theory of disease and its cure is embodied in two chemical forces, which, like the currents of electricity, are positive and human-energy 2negative. Thus, if the positive force of disease is manifested upon any organ, it disturbs the harmony and functional action of that organ, and the disorganization will continue as long as the negative force of cure is not placed in antagonism with it, to neutralize the activity of the positive force.

When this is done the autonomy of the organ is re-established, and its function becomes again natural and healthful.

Again, if upon discovery any organ or tissue becomes deficient in its chemical elements, it must be supplied by such plants as contain them; or if any organ or tissue becomes surcharged with its chemical constituents, negative chemical elements must be exhibited to reduce them to their normal quantities.

These forces in various ways control the whole organic world. (more…)