Cancer of both Breasts Cured With Extract of Quinquina Mixture

In the late 19th century, this story was published about a 32 year old lady who was cured of cancer of both breasts was published in the “The Cure of Cancer and howANW - natural treatment for breast cancer Surgery Blocks the Way,” By John Shaw. She was cured using a mixture of extract of quinquina, syrup of iodide of iron, and arseniate of soda.

I had written about the main ingredient in this mixtureextract of quinquina which is also known as Peruvian bark (Cinchona) in my article, “Peruvian Bark: Jesuit Powder and the Secret Powers Who Wished to Control It.”  It has been documented over the course of history by old time nineteenth century medical professionals, healers and authors as a cure for cancer, malaria, fevers and other ailments.

Here is the story of the lady whose breast cancer was cured using a natural treatment: (more…)

5 Year Old Boy’s Cancer Cured With Iodine in 1822

I was called’in the month of February, 1822, to visit a boy five years old, affected in the following manner. Since the period of his birth, Boccetta contagoccehe had always been weakly. My friend Mr. Mauuoir, of Geneva, informed me that a little’ boy from one of the interior towns of Switzerland, was brought to him on account of a swelling of the knee-joint.

He had already been under the Care of several eminent surgeons, who had all declared the tumor to be a white swelling, and had recommended the ampu; tatiou of the limb. such, also, was the opinion of (Mr, Maunoir; but finding the friends and the boy himself extremely averse to the operation, he tried the effect of iodine. (more…)

37 Year Old Woman Cured of Cancer in 1888 With Natural Treatment

In 1888 a single woman, 37 years of age, noticed a small lump in the left breast on which she had received a blow some three years CancerCuredHeadlinepreviously. In 1890 the breast was removed, and scirrhous cancer diagnosed after microscopical examination. There were recurrences in 1892 and 1894 which were operated on, a tumor in the right breast being also removed on the last occasion.

Some ten months later (December, 1894) there were some recurrent nodules, and, as the patient was suffering from considerable dyspnoea, further operation was considered out of the question. (more…)

Budwig Diet: Dr. Johanna Budwig Cured 90% of Her Cancer Patients

The Budwig Diet or Protocol is garnishing a lot of attention in the viral internet world of natural treatments for cancer. It was invented by Dr. Johanna Budwiga great German lady, Dr. Johanna Budwig who had died in 2003 at the age of 95.

However, after her death, it appears that she is even more famous today than when she was alive. To some people whom her cancer protocol had saved, she was simply a saint. It has been said that her special diet saved the lives of approximately 90% of her cancer patients, of whom many were terminally ill.

What is the famous natural cancer treatment that has now been dubbed, the Budwig protocol or diet? (more…)

Man dies after his parasitic tapeworm gets cancer

“Invasion of human tissue by abnormal, proliferating, genetically altered tapeworm cells is a novel disease mechanism that links Parasite causes cancer in maninfection and cancer.” – New England Journal of Medicine

There are many theories as to why some people get cancer, and some don’t. Science has yet to determine without a shadow of a doubt the exact cause of most cancers.

Personally, my own extensive research into this ancient disease keeps leading me back to one of earth’s oldest creatures. An organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host’s expense. A tiny creature that every single human and animal carries within their bodies, blood and organs.

This ancient organism is known as the parasite. (more…)

Scientist Uses Resonant Frequencies to Destroy Cancer Cells

A scientist, professor and renowned musical composer who has conducted at Carnegie Hall has discovered the ability of Oscillating Dr Anthony Holland resonate frequenciesPulsed Electric Fields (OPEF) to destroy cancer cells and MRSA in laboratory experiments. His name is Anthony Holland, PhD, and he is the Associate Professor, Director of Music Technology at Skidmore College for 27 years, and President of Novobiotronics Inc.

Since early in his career, Dr. Holland has been interested in physics and acoustics. “Years ago I read a book [about] a frequency machine that was capable of destroying microorganisms if it was tuned to just the right frequency.” This made sense intuitively to Dr. Holland; each semester he taught his students to be careful about conditions that can create sound that travels at a particular wavelength, which can develop a “resonant frequency.” (more…)