17 Natural Treatments for a Sore Throat

Natural Treatmnet for sore throat

1. Vinegar, Pepper and Honey—Simmer together some vinegar, red pepper, and honey or sugar, and add enough water so that it will not be too strong. Use this as a gargle.

2. Camphor Gum.—Hold a piece of camphor gum the size of a pea in (the mouth until it is dissolved. This is fine for sore throat.

3. Baking Sodas-Add a teaspoonful of baking soda to half a glass of water and gargle the throat frequently. – Physician’s Remarks-This is especially good for tonsilitis. (more…)

Anemone for Ulcers, Inflammation of the Eyes and Leprosy

Name. Called also wind-flower, because they say the flowers never open but when the wind bloweth; Pliny is my author; if it be not so, 640px-Anemones5blame him. The seed also, if it bears any at all, flies away with the wind.

Place and Time. They are sown usually in the gardens of the curious, and flower in the spring-time. As for the description I shall pass by it, they being well known to all those that sow them.

Government and virtues. It is under the dominion of Mars, being supposed to be a kind of crowfoot. The leaves provoke the terms mightily, being boiled, and the decoction drunk. The body being bathed with the decoction of them cures the leprosy. (more…)